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Do You Baby Hooded Baby Towel

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 This hooded towel is perfect for your little one’s bath time or beach day! It is perfectly absorbent for staying dry and snuggling up.

Want to show some solidarity and community harmony? I got you!  Not doing a gender reveal baby shower? Give this. I had originally envisioned this design as the beginning of a nursery line, and here it is… complete with matching clothes for parents!

Around the lovely flowers, the words say, "Do you, baby! Just be happy!"  The flowers are surrounded by the symbols for all genders in every relationship constellation or as solo stars in their own right.  For real, for real, I'm pretty sure, I included most everyone.  Live and let thrive.  If you aren't hurting anybody, it's nobody’s business.  Let folks know that you support the choices which bring them joy.