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Retro Homo Scarf

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Color: White

Made with luxuriously soft microfiber fleece , this scarf is a pleasure to wear. 

We're here, we're queer, get used to it! Fondly remembering my boho flowing hippy skirts, my jean jacket, pink triangle, black ebony labrys and leather Africa pendant back in the 80's when the idea of a "lipstick lesbian" was new variant on the the "tired" butch/femme dynamic.  Go back in time to when we were "not gay as in happy, but, queer as in fuck you."  This rainbow with some sharp edges!  Filled with images of our resistance and resilience, this pattern brings forward our struggle and the joy that we survived. 

  55" × 8"
Width, in 55.00
Height, in 8.02

.: 100% polyester
.: The same design printed on both sides
.: Sewn-in care label
.: Pre-constructed item (size varies +/- 1")
.: Blank product sourced from China