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Every Star Ain't North Hooded Blanket

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It's my visual expression of Black Independence Day, Juneteeth. The title is a rumination on the fact that during the period of enslavement, freedom wasn’t always a place. And every self-liberating person didn't always go North.  Some went to Mexico. Some went to Florida and joined with the Seminole Nation in resistance to European aggression.


Many enslaved people were free within their souls.  In fact, the desire to act on self-liberation, came from an inner knowing of freedom.  I’m hoping when you wear this you will internalize that you are your own North Star.  You can still do what is necessary to survive while allowing your mind and soul to be free.


Is it a blanket or a cape?  You choose!  It's snuggly warmth with a hood. Lightweight, durable and very easy to clean, this hooded fleece blanket can go anywhere you need to feel cozy.  Wear it out   for bonfires, roaming the woods,  in the garden, on the deck, or just curled up on the couch.

.: 95% Polyester 3% Viscose 2% Spandex
.: One side print
.: Water-absorbent