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Another Day On the Poles Magnet

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Every refrigerator tells a story.  Magnets help tell your story.  Let this magnet be a tiny affirmation that you can do what need to get done.  But, you don't have to confine it to your refrigerator.  Not just for refrigerators, decorative magnets can be put on whiteboards, school and work lockers, dishwashers, office filing cabinets, metal shelving and toolboxes. 

Goddesses work and so do you.  Come home and remember, that the world will actually keep spinning without you.  Someone’s taken care to get that done.  So rest. Kick up your feet.  

It's time to reclaim strength, athleticism and sensuality.  You think forces of nature are wispy little puffs of smoke? (Okay some are.) But, seriously, the ocean is vast and powerful..  The river can be both sweet and deadly.  I love this Spirit Lady, she arrived thanks to one of my supporters.

.: For indoor or outdoor use
.: Three sizes to choose from
.: Thin (0.03" (0.8 mm)) and lightweight
.: Black backing