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Bonfire Night Yoga Mat

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This yoga mat features a soft fabric sewn onto a hessian lattice, natural, non-slip base to take your workout to the next level. With a handy carrying strap you can stay centered and see your soul reflected whether you are on the go or at home.

Inspired by Guy Fawkes Day, this design shows the celebratory nature of challenging the status quo. A better world is possible, we just have to stretch and reach for it.

Designer Yoga Mats

Designer Yoga Mats

  • Natural rubber non-slip base
  • Eco-friendly hessian lattice
  • 24.80" x 70.86"
  • Weighs approx 7.8 oz
  • Handmade to order

Care instructions

Wipe down with a warm damp cloth after use.

  • Wipe Down