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Our Sacred Temples Long Runner Rug

Original price $179.00 - Original price $460.00
Original price
$179.00 - $460.00
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Our homes are our temples.  The design vibrates feminine energy through its imagery. Fabulous gift for the goddess within you.  Whether it's bed side or in a hallway, celebrate yourself. The lines are curved like you are. Vibrant like you are.  Put your feet down and draw on our origins. The lotus blossoms are opening. Be  flagrantly female and boldly open your temple.  Be the priestess in your own temple.

Designer Rug

Designer Rug

  • Made from heavyweight velvet
  • Anti-slip latex sponge base
  • Jute rug binder
  • 0.23" thick cushioning
  • Handmade to order

Care instruction

Use duster and or vacuum gently with appropriate fitting.