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Our Sacred Temples Soap Dispenser

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This fun ceramic soap dispenser is perfect for completing your dream bathroom style. Easy to refill and featuring a chrome finished pump, it adds a contemporary note to your décor. Encourage cleanliness and hygiene with this beautiful addition to your bathroom

The design vibrates feminine energy through its imagery. Your body is your temple, protect it. In most African descended spiritual traditions, cleanliness is one of your first lines of defense against bad fortune. So make it as attractive as possible with this beautiful soap dispenser. Drawing on our origins, the images are flagrantly female. The fact that cleaning has traditionally been "women's work" only goes to show how powerful women have always been. Make it nice for yourself. You deserve it. You are your own blessing.

Designer Soap Dispenser

Designer Soap Dispenser

  • Made from ceramic
  • Modern black plastic lid
  • 14.5cm (h) x 7.5 cm (d)
  • Hand-printed to order
  • Hand-printed to order

Care instructions

Hand wash only.

  • Hand Wash