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Our Sacred Temples Toothbrush Holder

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This beautiful ceramic toothbrush holder features a lid with 4 individual slots for your toothbrushes. A wonderful accessory to complete the collection. The holes in the lid will keep your brushes separate and hygienic. Easy to clean and easy on the eye, it makes you want to reach for your toothbrush.

The design vibrates feminine energy through its imagery. Your body is your temple, let this tooth brush holder honor it.  Your bathroom is the most intimate room of your house.  This is the place you go to prepare for the day ahead.  This is the room where you wash away anything which does not serve your highest purpose.  Make it special.

Drawing on our origins, the images are flagrantly female.  No time for self-care?  Brushing your teeth is one of the easiest forms of self-care you do. Celebrate and recognize that one little thing you do.

Designer Toothbrush Holder

Designer Toothbrush Holder

  • Holds 4 toothbrushes
  • Printed with my original designs
  • Design wrapped around holder
  • H 3.74" x D 3.26"
  • Hand-printed to order

Care instruction

Hand wash only.

  • Hand Wash