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She Welcomes Her Highest Self Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Color: White

Ever need a reminder to rise to the occasion of your highest self? I do. Here She is - centered and yet ebullient, comfortable and connected. She welcomes her connection to her ephemeral, wiser, highest spirit. Take her with you to help remember yourself. Heading into a long day in Petty City? Take the best of yourself. When you carry your water, you don't harm the planet or feed the corporations who have weaponized water against marginalized communities. Let your gear reflect your truth, self care is essential. Hydrating is self-care. The safe closing to keeps your bag dry and the clip helps you be hands free. For on the go, walking, working out or at your desk - an excellent nurturing choice. .: Lightweight stainless steel .: 20 oz  .: Plastic screw top 

Height, in 9.49
Diameter , in 2.91