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High John, Hey! Coin Purse

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$68.00 - $80.00
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Some say John was a Congolese prince. Some say him marry Eulalie the Devil’s daughter. Some say him ride that giant crow name Old Familiar.  Some say, Them Ones Them could not enslave him. All say him a conjure man, a root man and trickster.  The lovely flowers on this dress are the plants what feed that good High John De Conquer’s root. 

Set against a blue background about 3 shades darker than haint blue, I hope this purse makes you connects you to that magic.  I hope it brings you all the success, prosperity and good fortune you deserve. Guaranteed for 2 years.

Designer Coin Purse

Designer Coin Purse

  • Unlined shell-shaped pouch
  • Printed both sides
  • Silver or gold colored zip
  • Matching round zip puller
  • Handmade to order

Care instruction

Wipe clean only.

  • Wipe Down
  • Do Not Wash