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Tend To Your People Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Color: White

"Tend to your people. White people end racism." We must tend to and gather each other in order to repair the planet. But, let's face it. White people end racism. So, everyone has to tend to their people. This t-shirt reflects the fact that anti-racism work does not have to be belligerent badgering. It is a work of nurturing, caring and calling into alignment. I infused the green outlines of letters with beautiful vines to reinforce the understanding that cleansing away the detritus of oppression is a constant, ever evolving work of personal growth. Perfect for carrying your water and your work with you. When you carry your water, you don't harm the planet or feed the corporations who have weaponized water against marginalized communities. This stainless steel water bottle lets folks know you are an everyday activist. Let your gear reflect your truth. It's safe closing to keeps your bag dry. For actions, for walking, working out or at your desk - an excellent nurturing choice. .: Lightweight stainless steel .: 20 oz  .: Plastic screw top 

Height, in 9.49
Diameter , in 2.91