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Ujamaa Pet Bandana

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Bring the principles of Kwanzaa into your everyday life. Your pet is no different. Let this bandana help you remember Ujamaa. Our relationship with animals is special. The bandana honors that sacred bond you have.  Made of soft-spun polyester, the fabric will not bunch or irritate your pet’s skin.

I envision this principle as loving generosity. Perfect for the dog park, jaunty walks or just when your friend needs to look fabulous. Originally, Ujaama (familyhood) was Julius Nyerere's social and economic development policies in Tanzania after it gained independence from Britain. Later it became the basis for Maulana Kerenga's 4th principle of Kwanzaa, cooperative economics. 


.: 100% polyester
.: One size (25" × 12")
.: One-sided print
.: Pre-constructed item (size varies +/- 1")