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Umoja Yoga Mat

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Printed onto soft fabric, sewn onto a hessian lattice and the non-slip base, with a handy carrying strap included and a choice of trim color, your new yoga mat call unity into the room. Bring the priciples of Kwanzaa into your life every day of the year.  Umoja envisioned as collaborative protection.  Umoja became the basis for Maulana Kerenga's 1st principle of Kwanzaa, unity.

Designer Yoga Mats

Designer Yoga Mats

  • Natural rubber non-slip base
  • Eco-friendly hessian lattice
  • 24.80" x 70.86"
  • Weighs approx 7.8 oz
  • Handmade to order

Care instruction

Wipe down with a warm damp cloth after use.

  • Wipe Down