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About Mmmm, Yes!

Grateful To Be Found

I'm just grateful that folks are finding out about my offerings.  Above my Ujima Socks were featured in USA Today.  Healthline did a wonderful article, Reflections of Blackness: How to Curate a Space That Affirms Your Humanity which discussed the validity and necessity of my mission to normalize Black aesthetics.  But, when your Lieutenant Governor's wife, Giselle Fetterman, gives you a shout out on Yinzer Shopping Network with Very Local Pittsburgh, it's pretty amazing feeling.


"We deserve to see ourselves everywhere, and most especially at home.  Mmmm's diaspora designs reflect a new Black aesthetic language; a product line reflective of our history, culture{s}, spiritual sciences; and a uniquely Black womanist voice in our homes, home furnishings and on the go. 

Because my designs often come from deep meditation or dreams, it is my hope that my supporters receive a sense of well-being.  I want them to feel affirmed; to experience comfort; to feel confidant and seen. " Iya C



About Iya C

Christina Springer is a multidisciplinary artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. Her fine art has been exhibited in galleries nationally. She is the author of four collections of poetry, the most recent of which was published by Frayed Edge Press in 2018.

In 2017, she made a comment on social media. Someone said, “I’d wear that on a t-shirt.” She said, “Bet.” She doodled a shirt, found a way to get it printed and promptly sold 20 shirts that evening. That one made her say “Hmmm.”

But, she had begun designing fabrics for use in an afro-futuristic fine art project in 2013. Through Springer’s fine art exhibitions, she discovered that not everyone can afford gallery prices for original fine art, but, everyone wants to live in a beautiful home. She began making pillows and blankets available for purchase at her exhibits and was immediately validated for this choice.  And Mmmm was born.

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