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Shipping Policy

Good news.  Shipping on all orders is free!

Also, Mmmm, Yes! happily ships internationally.

As you know, one of the ways we reduce waste is by creating your item when you order it. Our shop reduces our carbon footprint by shipping your product directly to you immediately upon completion.  It doesn't go from place to place to place before it reaches your home. 

As you know, average production time varies from product to product which is usually between 2 to 8 days. This is an estimate and can not be guaranteed especially during peak holidays. 

The shipping rates for orders under $50 that you see at checkout reflect the flat rates my production facilities have determined based upon USPS shipping rates. It's all automated and kept current. You'll never be charged more than the going rate.

Rest assured, we both have the same goal.  That goal is for you to receive your item as quickly as possible.