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Blue espadrilles with pink flowers.

High John De Conquer / High John, Hey!

Some say John was a Congolese prince. 

Some say him ride that giant crow name Old Familiar.  

Some say him marry Eulalie, the Devil’s daughter. 

(We be knowing Them-Ones-Them create

the Devil out of the what we was friendly with

that Them-Ones-Them could not control.)

All say, Them-Ones-Them could not enslave him. 

All say, John De Conquer, be strong and proud.

All say him be a conjure man, a root man and trickster.  

If this be true, some could guess a Congo prince bring mysteries and a whole lot of magic. If all this be true, on these here shores what come to be called America, John de Conquer found his way around the herbs and worked a root; made some medicine; and helped the people do what can be done about Them-Ones-Them who try ‘n suck the fire from our spirits while drying up the very marrow in our bones. 

Holy Zora say, “High John de Conquer went back to Africa, but he left his power here, and placed his American dwelling in the root of a certain plant. Only possess that root, and he can be summoned at any time.”

I say, we are the root what John De Conquer left.  Now is the time for us to leave the winter whiteness what made us dormant. This here be the thriving time. This here be the blooming time. This here be the unfolding, curling, stretch to sun and shine time. 

The lovely flowers on this pattern are the plants what feed that good High John De Conquer’s root.  Set against a blue background about 3 shades darker than haint blue, I hope it makes you remember  that root.   I envision our beautiful brown bodies becoming that root when we adorn ourselves in it. 

I hope it connects us to that magic.  I hope it brings you all the success, prosperity and good fortune you deserve.

I hope this pattern helps you remember the power of High John De Conquer.  I hope it emboldens you to be cunning and witty, strong and charming, bold and bawdy, refined and courageous. I hope this pattern allows you to always shape shift into the person you need to be in any minute of everyday.  I hope it encourages you to be the versatile person that it is your birthright to be.

Pictured above are the charming espadrilles in the High John, Hey! Collection

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