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Magic - You Deserve It

Magic - You Deserve It

If you haven’t noticed by now, I believe in magic.  The first definition of magic that I really loved was by Starhawk, awell known feminist writer in the 1980’s.  She wrote, “magic is the act of changing consciousness at will.” It has been an important definition of magic ever since. But, as I used to tell my son, “magic is the word we use for events, happenings and situations that European scientists haven’t yet  figured out how to measure.”  After all, European science is merely a collection of stories that the majority agrees is real because the same results can be duplicated in a controlled experiment.  But, science is always changing.  As soon as one story is disproved by a more reliable story, we all agree to adopt the new paradigm  and reality changes.  

But, isn’t it grand that we are coming into a world where scientists are finally beginning to understand that Black and Indigenous people had our own sciences since well before they learned to wash regularly from Northern Africans in order to be healthy?  Smithsonian Magazine’s article about When scientists “Discover” What Indigenous People Have Known For Centuries  is fascinating. What’s better is that I am beginning to see more and more of these articles every day. 

However, more importantly, Black and Indigenous people have always linked our sciences to spirit. And herein lies a critical difference. European religion has always been imbued with conquest, imperialism, and its attendant colonization.  It has never been sympathetic to and collaborative with nature, but rather, desirous of domination over it.  Our science has always known what Einstein so eloquently stated, “energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another." For this reason, because our sciences were also spiritual, they sought to be in collaboration with nature. We have acknowledged its energy or life force, and seek not to control, but,  share power with it.

When one ruminates deeply on these ideas as guiding principles, it becomes easy to see the world as a magical place. A place filled with energy. A place of spirit. A place in which one can use their personal ashe (life ~ energy) to invite transformation and/or negotiate for varying degrees of assistance or sympathy from other living energies. Meditation, mindfulness, and affirmations are a form of magic.  And then there are rites and rituals which - through their repetition over time  - have accumulated the spiritual energy of serving the function of speed dial on a telephone. 

All of life is and can be magical. 

Long before I became an initiated priest in the Lucumi tradition, I was working roots. When asked about cleansing rituals, my first question was “when was the last time you deep cleaned your home?” It can be that simple.   It doesn't have to be an elaborate, arcane production involving lots of fancy things you from the new age shop. 

Magic can be simple, practical and elegant.  So simple as living graciously, intentionally and consciously.  So practical as keeping a clean home.  So elegant as shifting the energy in your room with a throw pillow designed to offer you comfort, joy and well-being. 

You know that feeling when you step out of the house in an ensemble you know is kicking it?  That's magic.  You're consciousness has shifted.  People respond to it. It creates a change.

At Mmmm, Yes! I strive to bring practical, elegant, simple solutions into your life.  It took me a long time to understand it, but, I am here to bring joy.  That’s what I showed up in this lifetime to do. It is an honor to be able to create items for you to bring into your life that give you a sense of well being and joy. I want to add a little magic to your life.  I hope to offer you some small thing which helps you shift your consciousness towards noticing all the beauty around you everyday.  Because you deserve it.  We all do.

Peace & blessings,

Iya C

[Pictured with this post is the Spiritual Science handbag.  This design is a meditation on faith as the energy source for manifesting the sweet things in life. It's calls up the idea of the helice which can be found in numerous Black Indigenous creation myths, including the Dogon.] 

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